Step On Campus and Into Your Career.

Los Rios Police Department.

Our officers are making the grade by serving the students and faculty of Los Rios College. With a heart for service and a head for career development, Los Rios Police officers are changing lives and building relationships, one shift at a time.


Los Rios Police Department Offers a

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Incentive Payment

Talk to a recruiter to learn more or apply now.

We Launch Careers

Gain training and build experience in a positive environment while serving your community. Build your career and keep your life in balance with the best schedule in law enforcement. Ride along with some of our newest officers to get the inside scoop on what makes this job so amazing.

Let’s do this.

Your knowledge and experience matters. Join the Los Rios Police Department and pass your skills to the next generation of law enforcement professionals. Time to pull up a chair and hear from those who’ve seen it all and been there before.

Community First

Los Rios Police Officers enjoy a supportive community that embraces the services our officers bring to campus each and every day. But don’t take our word for it, hear directly from the faculty why they truly care for our men and women in blue.

This Schedule Rocks

Weekend shifts? Nope. Graveyard shifts? Nope. Perfect life, work balance? Yes. Don’t believe it’s possible? Hear from the officers living the dream. There is no better schedule in law enforcement. Class dismissed.

Making the Grade

Passion comes from many places, but for the officers at the Los Rios Police Department theirs is provided daily, by the students they serve. Grab your backpack and trapper keeper and hear what our officers are saying about the students they serve.

Yeah, I can do that too

There’s just something different about a Los Rios Police Department officer. They seem to know how to do everything. Maybe it’s because they work cases all the way through completion? Maybe it’s because they have all the latest tools and gear to do the job? Maybe it’s the culture of opportunity and education they work in each day? Whatever the reason, Los Rios Police officers are rewriting the text book on what makes a great police officer.


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